Hydrology and Geophysics in High Latitude and High-Altitude Environments

SectionHydrology & Geodesy    
Session TitleGeophysics and Hydrology in High-Latitude and High-Altitude Environments - Chevron Award
Session NumberNA
ConvenorsAndrew Frederiksen (University of Manitoba)
Yajing Liu (McGill University)
Andrew Ireson (University of Saskatchewan)
Talk length (minutes)Start Time (EST)Presentation TitleSpeakerAffiliationCo-Author(s)
2013:25:00Teleseismic constraints on plate interface heterogeneity in the Hikurangi subduction zone, New ZealandJeremy GosselinUniversity of OttawaPascal Audet & Bill Fry
2013:45:00Identification of regional structural corridors in the Montney Play using geophysical data and trend-surface analysis.Paulina WozniakowskaUniversity of CalgaryDavid W. Eaton
2014:05:00Tectonic fabric along the Queen Charlotte margin from receiver function analysisTaylor Tracey KyryliukUniversity of OttawaPascal Audet, Jeremy M. Gosselin, & Andrew Schaeffer
14:25:00Transitional Break
1514:30:00How forests and shrubs control evaporative partitioning in a subarctic, alpine catchment, Yukon Territory, Canada Erin M. NichollsMcMaster UniversitySean K. Carey
1514:45:00The relative importance of biophysical and meteorological effects on growing season surface available energy partitioning at high-altitude wetlands in Canadian Rocky MountainYi WangUniversity of WaterlooMazda Kompanizare, Adam Green, & Rich Petrone
1515:00:00Controls on snowmelt runoff retention at thermokarst lakes between Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest TerritoriesEvan J. WilcoxWilfrid Laurier UniversityBrent B. Wolfe & Philip Marsh
1015:15:00Multinomial Machine Learning for Simulating Land Cover Evolution in the Discontinuous Permafrost Regions of the Northwest TerritoriesShaghayegh Akbarpour SafsariUniversity of WaterlooJames Craig
2015:25:00Ground Feature Extraction from Fully Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) DataNanar HakobyanWilfrid Laurier University
15:45:00Closing remarks
16:00:00Union-Wide AGM