Session 1

Studying the Earth’s interior using seismic imaging

Conveners: Tianshi Liu1, Riddhi Dave2, Omid Bagherpur Mojaver3, Clément Estève4, Bin He1
1University of Toronto, Emails:,
2Université du Québec à Montréal, Email:
3Université du Québec à Montréal, Email:
4McGill University, Email:

Session Description

Mapping structures in the Earthʼs lithosphere is crucial to better understand past and ongoing tectonic processes. Utilizing information carried by seismic waves propagating through the subsurface area of interest, seismic imaging is one of the most effective methods of probing lithospheric structure. Recently, a great number of seismic arrays have been deployed around the world, providing unprecedented opportunities to study the lithosphere in diverse, tectonically interesting regions. Furthermore, a variety of tomographic methods have been developed, including but not limited to, surface-wave tomography, body-wave tomography, receiver function and anisotropic tomography, to target different features. We seek presentations using seismic imaging to study the Earthʼs lithosphere with newly available datasets or innovative methods. Tomographic studies that jointly use different methods are highly encouraged. In addition, we encourage contributions on new tectonic interpretations of tomographic results.

Primary Affiliation: Solid Earth