Advances in Global Water, Water Connectivity, and Water Infrastructure Data

DateJuly 8 2021
Session TitleAdvances in Global Water, Water Connectivity, and Water Infrastructure Data
Session NumberS7
ConvenorsPenny Beames (McGill University)
Heloisa Ehalt Macedo (McGill University)
Florence Tan (McGill University)
Talk #Start Time (EST)Presentation TitleSpeakerAffiliationCo-Author(s)
113:35:00Harmonizing multiple global dam and water data products to get the best of all worldsPenny BeamesMcGill UniversityMira Anand, Jean-Gabriel Chiasson, & William Xing
213:50:00Calibration and Validation of isoWATFLOOD, a Tracer-Aided Hydrologic Model, for a Mesoscale Precambrian Shield Watershed in Northeastern Ontario, CanadaArghavan TafviziLaurentian UniversityApril L. James, Tricia Stadnyk, Huaxia Yao, & Charles Ramcharan
314:05:00Global spatially explicit database of wastewater treatment plantsHeloisa Ehalt MacedoMcGill UniversityBernhard Lehner, Jim Nicell, Günther Grill, Ranish Shakya, & Antonio Limtong
414:30:00Global prevalence of non-perennial rivers and streamsMathis MessagerMcGill UniversityBernhard Lehner, Charlotte Cockburn, Nicolas Lamouroux, Hervé Pella, Ton Snelder, Klement Tockner, Tim Trautmann, Caitlin Watt, & Thibault Datry
514:45:00Historical Flashiness Index Dynamics in Urbanizing Streams in Southwestern OntarioDwayne KeirRyerson UniversityClaire Oswald
615:00:00Assessing the performance of hillslope sediment connectivity approaches for large-scale applicationsFlorence TanMcGill UniversityBernhard Lehner & Pasquale Borrelli
715:15:00Linking hydrological and cryohydrogeological models for improved estimates of climate impacts on northern watersRobin Thorne
Wilfrid Laurier University
Philip Marsh, David L. Rudolph, Christopher Spence, Oliver Sonnentag, Jeffrey M. McKenzie, & Aaron A. Berg
15:30:00Closing remarks
Hydrology Annual General Meeting