General Biogeosciences

Session TitleGeneral Biogeosciences
Session NumberS11, S13, & S14
ConvenorsMaria Strack (University of Waterloo)
Colin Whitfield (University of Saskatchewan)
Colin McCarter (McMaster University)
Talk #Start Time (EST)Presentation TitleSpeakerAffiliationCo-Author(s)
113:35:00Ecohydrological trade-offs from multiple peatland disturbances: The interactive effects of drainage, harvesting, restoration and wildfire in a southern Ontario bogSophie WilkinsonMcMaster UniversityColin McCarter, Paul Moore, & Mike Waddington
213:55:00On the potential for acrotelm transplants to restore industrially contaminated peatlandsColin McCarterMcMaster UniversityPaul A. Moore & James M. Waddington
314:15:00The impact of soil nitrogen availability on trace gas fluxes and the net greenhouse gas balance in a High Arctic wetlandJacqueline K.Y. HungQueen’s UniversityNeal A. Scott & Paul M. Treitz
414:35:00The impact of soil salinity and water-table on Juncus balticus growth in a constructed fen in the Alberta oil sandsTianshi WangUniversity of WaterlooDavid J. Cooper, Jonathan Price, Maria Strack, & Scott J. Davidson
14:45:00Closing remarks
Biogeosciences Annual General Meeting