Permafrost Hydrology and Hydrogeology: Interactions, Innovations, and Challenges

Session TitlePermafrost Hydrology and Hydrogeology: Interactions, Innovations, and Challenges
Session NumberS8
ConvenorsChris Spence (Environment Canada)
Peter Morse (Geological Survey of Canada)
Talk #Start Time (EST)Presentation TitleSpeakerAffiliationCo-Author(s)
113:35:00Modelling transient permafrost at the northern tree line: the influence of snow-vegetation interactions on active layer dynamicsVincent HaagmansETH ZurichJulia Boike, Sebastian Westermann, Philip Marsh, & Peter Molnar
213:50:00Spatial Variations in Seasonal Thaw Rates on a Subarctic Peat PlateauMason DominicoWilfrid Laurier UniversityWilliam L. Quinton & Ryan F. Connon
314:05:00Developing an upscaled hydrological model to quantify the hydrologic response of wetland cascades in discontinuous permafrost landscapesMahkameh TaheriUniversity of WaterlooJames Craig
414:20:00Wetland transition in thawing discontinuous permafrost: The role of hummocks and the hydrology of treed wetlandsKristine M. HaynesWilfrid Laurier UniversityJessica Smart, Brenden Disher, Olivia Carpin, Ryan F. Connon, Chris Hopkinson, & William L. Quinton
514:35:00Measured Soil Freezing Characteristic Curves√Člise DevoieMcGill UniversityJeffrey McKenzie & Stephan Gruber
614:50:00Peat Plateau-Wetland Complexes: Form, Hydrological Function, and Permafrost ThawOlivia CarpinoWilfrid Laurier UniversityRyan Connon & William Quinton
715:05:00Hydrothermal Regime of Streams in Continuous Permafrost, western Canadian ArcticTimothy EnsomWilfrid Laurier UniversitySteve Kokelj & Philip Marsh
15:20:00Closing remarks