Session 3

Challenges and opportunities in connecting Earth processes and observations

Conveners: Ian Lumb 1

1York University, Email:

Session Description

Despite those advances (e.g., in seismic tomography) that allow us to ‘peer’ into its interior, when it comes to completely understanding solid-Earth processes, our abilities remain hampered. Consequently, those investigating the solid Earth continue to rely on efforts aimed at connecting what they model and simulate in the laboratory or numerically with observations. Complex in the technical sense (e.g., of nonlinear dynamical systems), inherent uncertainties make for both challenges and opportunities in ‘connecting’ processes with observations. Intended to celebrate and showcase the ingenuity required within the solid-Earth section, this session welcomes submissions of great successes to abject failures in connecting Earth processes and observations. As elucidating the solid Earth cannot be considered in isolation, contributions from those who focus on ‘other spheres’ are also encouraged.

Primary Affiliation: Solid Earth