Session 8

Permafrost Hydrology and Hydrogeology: Interactions, Innovations, and Challenges

Conveners: Christopher Spence1; Peter Morse2

1 National Hydrology Research Centre, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 3H5 Email:

2 Geological Survey of Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0E8 Email:

Session Description

This session will feature innovative research on permafrost hydrology and hydrogeology. We encourage presentations that discuss recent advances and challenges in field and laboratory investigations or practical applications, such as: studies to better understand relevant physical processes; development of conceptual models that characterize how these processes manifest in different permafrost landscapes and hydrologic regimes; and application of research to address societal issues caused by changing conditions. Appropriate topics include field-based approaches for describing interactions in discontinuous through to continuous permafrost conditions, modelling approaches to investigating alteration of process dynamics with changing climate, comparative analysis and placing the evolution of regional permafrost-hydrology interactions in the context of other permafrost or non-permafrost landscapes, and discussion of best-practices for addressing issues stemming from natural and/or anthropogenic changes. The conveners are hoping to engage with participants in the session on an overview paper on the subject of permafrost hydrology and hydrogeology for the annual CGU-HS special issue of Hydrological Processes.

Primary Affiliation: Hydrology